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Bataille’s Mic Drop

I highlighted this in my copy of the text, and put a big ! by it.

No one can say without being comical that he is getting ready to over­turn things: He must overturn, and that is all. 1

Here I think Bataille is saying we are all subject to what Freud called the death drive, and therefore we

  1. All undermine our selves and sacrifice/waste our time/energy
  2. And, even though we (consciously) claim to hate the act of sacrificing/wasting our time/energy, the reality is that we all (unconsciously) enjoy the the sacrificing/wasting.

  1. Georges, Bataile, The Accursed Share: An essay on General Economy, Zone books, p. 10.

Up next Bataille, McGowan, Sacrifice, & Enjoyment. The monster of Autocracy is not dead, yo.
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