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a rescue mission, not a war Jun 12, 2020 Neighbors & Drive & Death Drive & Jay Springett In this podcast Jay Springett says we need a better metaphor for some of our macro-social projects. Imagine if we said we are minting a rescue Lacan on Drive V. Instinct May 28, 2020 Drive & Instinct & Lacan & Book-001 In On Freud’s “Trieb” and the Psychoanalyst’s Desire in the Écrits, Lacan says. It can never be often enough repeated … that the drive —the Laurent on “awakening” May 22, 2020 Monsterology & Lacan & Jouissance & Instinct & Drive & Éric Laurent I was reading something that Eric Laurent presenter at the XII CONGRESS WORLD ASSOCIATION OF PSYCHOANALYSIS April 13-17, which took place in Buenos