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Avery F. Gordon

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Two ways to think of haunting: Jan 21, 2020 Hauntology & Mark Fisher & Avery F. Gordon I’m finding myself looking at haunting in two different ways. The first way — is more social and takes place within a group or society. This first Violation as “Castration-gone-wrong” Jan 16, 2020 Hauntology & Lacan & Castration & Avery F. Gordon In an earlier post I was working through a part of a text by Avery F. Gordon, and attempted to link what haunts to a violation that has been covered Ghostly Matters: Reading Notes 001 Jan 16, 2020 Hauntology & Avery F. Gordon & Reading Notes Below are some direct quotes from Ghostly Matters: Haunting and the Sociological Imagination By Avery F. Gordon. Haunting is not the same as being