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The ability to “code” things Apr 28, 2020 Deleuze Need, scarcity, famine, a society can code these, what it cannot code, is when this thing appears, when it says to itself: what is up with these Deleuze on flows Apr 27, 2020 Deleuze Recently I started to read Anti-Oedipus by Deleuze and Guattari, and (of course) I’m having some difficulty understanding it. In an effort to Can we use the signifier “virtual” in a similar way that we use the signifier “imaginary” Mar 8, 2020 Deleuze & Cooper Cherry & Andrew Culp & Imaginary &  Virtual I was listening to an older episode of _The Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour1_ , where Cooper Cherry interviews Andrew Culp (author of Dark Deleuze).