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Desire comes from… May 28, 2020 Lacan & the Other & Desire & Jouissance & Das Ding & Phallus & Object a & Symptom & Sinthome & Book-001 One more note from On Freud’s “Trieb” and the Psychoanalyst’s Desire. Lacan says for desire comes from the Other, and jouissance is located on the JA Miller on “Common Sense” in Psychoanalysis Mar 13, 2020 Jacques-Alain Miller & Sinthome & Psychoanalysis Common sense, it’s what everyone agrees on. Psychoanalysis finds itself fundamentally in default with respect to the agreement that grounds common Good words Jan 1, 2020 Sinthome & Poetry One of the blogs I read is Tim Lavenz’s Fragile Keys. It is not updated often, but when something is posted there, whatever it is, it hits me in