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The Great Truth (insult?) of Psychoanalysis Jun 12, 2020 Unconscious & Lacan & Psychoanalysis & Book-1 Psychoanalysis announces that you are no longer the centre of yourself, since there is another subject within you, the Unconscious. 1 This very Brian Eno on (psychoanalytic) listening Jan 30, 2020 Brian Eno & Listening & Unconscious I recently found the following bit of text from an interview with Brian Eno. …The biggest mistake is to wait for inspiration. It won’t come looking Lifeworld | Ghostworld Jan 17, 2020 Hauntology & Husserl & Phenomenology & Unconscious Haunting is something that happens in the world of the living, it is those who live that are haunted. Ergo, any understanding of haunting is