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The Speaking Body Jun 12, 2020 Lacan & Seminar XX & Speaking Body I’ve found that some non-Lacanians believe that Lacan does not focus on (or completely overlooks) affect and/or the importance of “body language.” The Great Truth (insult?) of Psychoanalysis Jun 12, 2020 Unconscious & Lacan & Psychoanalysis & Book-1 Psychoanalysis announces that you are no longer the centre of yourself, since there is another subject within you, the Unconscious. 1 This very The effect of the Name-of-the-Father & the Law May 28, 2020 Name-of-the-Father & Desire & Impossibility & Lacan & Book-001 Lacan points out that the crux of desire “is essentially found in impossibly.” He goes on to say But Freud reveals to us that it is thanks to the Desire comes from… May 28, 2020 Lacan & the Other & Desire & Jouissance & Das Ding & Phallus & Object a & Symptom & Sinthome & Book-001 One more note from On Freud’s “Trieb” and the Psychoanalyst’s Desire. Lacan says for desire comes from the Other, and jouissance is located on the Lacan on Drive V. Instinct May 28, 2020 Drive & Instinct & Lacan & Book-001 In On Freud’s “Trieb” and the Psychoanalyst’s Desire in the Écrits, Lacan says. It can never be often enough repeated … that the drive —the Laurent on “awakening” May 22, 2020 Monsterology & Lacan & Jouissance & Instinct & Drive & Éric Laurent I was reading something that Eric Laurent presenter at the XII CONGRESS WORLD ASSOCIATION OF PSYCHOANALYSIS April 13-17, which took place in Buenos The Neurotic v. The Pervert May 10, 2020 Neurotic & Pervert & Psychic Structures & Lacan Whenever I teach about the psychological strictires I have an easy time distinguishing between psychotic steuctires and neurotic structires. I’ve Good advice from Taylor Adkins Apr 17, 2020 Taylor Adkins & Podcast & Guattari & Lacan & Name-of-the-Father & Hysteric & Monsterology I was listening to an episode of Cooper Cherry’s Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour Podcast where coop talks with Taylor Adkins and DC Barker At about Keep it fake Mar 31, 2020 COVID-19 & The Real & Lacan & Heat Death & Huantology The effects of the coronavirus, beyond the public health questions, will leave an irreversible impact on the culture. I have been reflecting on what The last teaching of Lacan does not mean we set fire to what came before it Mar 14, 2020 Jacques-Alain Miller & Lacan & The Real The last teaching of Lacan, that I only now address thematically, and with caution, does not invite you to set fire to that which you adored. I The treatment of psychotics in the Lacanian Orientation Mar 12, 2020 Lacan & Ordinary Psychosis & Psychosis & Jacques-Alain Miller I’m getting ready to (attempt to) teach students about the Lacanian orientation’s approach to treating patients with a psychotic structure. Most of The object a that haunts Mar 7, 2020 Lacan & Object a & Hauntology I’ve been doing some writing about object a for Complex Praxis, so I’ve been on the lookout for some bits of text that describe object a in Notes on the semblance Feb 28, 2020 Lacan & Semblant & Object a & Das Ding & Russell Grigg The notes on this come from an post on Lacan.com by Russell Grigg.1 I took some rather chaotic notes on the text, and wanted to pst those notes here Object a — In A Field Guide to Getting Lost Jan 31, 2020 Lacan & Object a & Rebecca Solnit In A Field Guide to Getting Lost Rebecca Solnit writes about how when a person looks towards a distant mountain the mountain seems hazy and tinted Saying too much is asking to be loved Jan 23, 2020 Lacan & Bruce Fink & Analyst’s Discourse & Jouissance Earlier today, in this post, I wrote about the discourse of the analyst being contingent on the analyst saying very little, and what the analyst Just make a note, don’t (try to) create insight Jan 23, 2020 Lacan & Analyst’s Discourse & Jacques-Alain Miller & Jouissance One of the things I’ve been gathering texts on is how an analyst uses or refrains from using their speech in an analytic session. How the analyst Violation as “Castration-gone-wrong” Jan 16, 2020 Hauntology & Lacan & Castration & Avery F. Gordon In an earlier post I was working through a part of a text by Avery F. Gordon, and attempted to link what haunts to a violation that has been covered Sartre & the Analyst’s Discourse — The non-S1 Jan 14, 2020 Sartre & Analyst’s Discourse & Lacan & Existentialism Here is the set up. One day during the Occupation, Sartre said, an ex-student of his had one to him for advice. The young mans’s brother had been Something I jotted down after seeing Joker Dec 7, 2019 Lacan & Jouissance This might not make sense to me tomorrow morning…