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I was listening to an episode of Cooper Cherry’s Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour Podcast where coop talks with Taylor Adkins and DC Barker

At about 20:09 mark of the episode Adkins makes the point,

In order to break the law effectively, to be a good criminal, one has to know the law.

In Lacanian terms:

If you’re going to oppose the Name-of-the-father (i.e. the law) you have to know what it is your opposing.

Lacan thinks that many criminals (bad criminals, and many so called revolutionaries are bad-revolutionaries, because they are often both hysterics who have no idea that their crimes/revolutions simply strengthen the law/state they believe they are opposing.

After the failed May of 68 Lacan said to the activists, As hysteric revolutionaries you seek a new master, and a new more powerful master you shall find.”

In line with what I think about here…

Often revolutionaries will believe they have killed the Monster that is The Master, but all they have done is felt it a blow, a non-fatal blow!

The Monster that is The Master is not dead! Rather it is simply allowing the revolutionaries who struck it believe they have killed it. The Master is a very patient Monster that will come back stronger than it was before when the right moment presents itself.

When the Monster returns the revolution becomes the terror.

Liberty, equality, and solidarity” becomes Off with their heads.”

This is why we must know the monsters we fight, why we must know the law, rather than hysterically rebel.

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