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Racism, hate, & jouissance

Hate is a product of the death drive. The aggressivity of the mirror stage is based on an ignorance of oneself, the subject projecting onto the other a hatred which concerns him in his being. The racist hates the one to whom he supposes a jouissance not only different from his own but also threatening his own mode of jouissance. For example, the prejudices that circulate in racist discourse in Greece say, among other things, that foreigners, refugees will come to Islamise us, to steal our jobs and rape our women! 1

What I find interesting about this text is how it shows that subjects get jouissance from the fantasy of some Other trying to take away their jouissance.

The monster of racism feeds on jouissance. Would this monster be able to exist without jouissance? I don’t think so…

  1. Marina Frangiadaki, Against the Passion for Ignorance, March 7th, 2020|LRO 215.

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