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Can you live without answers? Nov 7, 2020 Ambiguity & Monsterology & \*\* I mentioned yesterday that I’m currently reading another fantasy book titled Toll the hounds by Steven Erikson. Today I came across the following: Racism, hate, & jouissance Sep 22, 2020 Jouissance & the Other & Racism & Monsterology Hate is a product of the death drive. … The aggressivity of the mirror stage is based on an ignorance of oneself, the subject projecting onto the The Reanimated Monster of Totalitarianism Sep 22, 2020 Hauntology & Monsterology & Neoliberalism & Liberalism & Semblants The fall of totalitarian regimes in the middle of the last century did not open onto a genuinely democratic future. Neoliberalism simply shed the Laurent on “awakening” May 22, 2020 Monsterology & Lacan & Jouissance & Instinct & Drive & Éric Laurent I was reading something that Eric Laurent presenter at the XII CONGRESS WORLD ASSOCIATION OF PSYCHOANALYSIS April 13-17, which took place in Buenos The Uncanny, the Double, dad Ding… Apr 22, 2020 Freud & Das Ding & the Double & Uncanny & Monsterology & Hauntology As a consequence, we comprehend that the whole issue of stigmatization revolves around the “Uncanny”1 problematic. The uncanny, ο “xsenos”(ξένος, Good advice from Taylor Adkins Apr 17, 2020 Taylor Adkins & Podcast & Guattari & Lacan & Name-of-the-Father & Hysteric & Monsterology I was listening to an episode of Cooper Cherry’s Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour Podcast where coop talks with Taylor Adkins and DC Barker At about Hannah Arendt in lies Mar 19, 2020 Arendt & Monsterology & Semblant If everybody always lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer. 1 Arendt The monster of Autocracy is not dead, yo. Feb 13, 2020 Monsterology & Hauntology I read a post by John Gruber on Daring Fireball today, which linked to this article at the Atlantic by David Frum. What has happened in Hungary Remember the monsters too! Dec 30, 2019 Monsterology The decade began with great hope for a transformational U.S. nuclear policy and increased global cooperation. It ended with nuclear risks