Gorman's Commonplace Book |||


Hi. I’m Neil Gorman. Here is some info about me.


  • I earned an Associates in Arts (AA) from the College of DuPage in 2000.
  • I earned a Bachelors of Arts (BA) in history form Northern Illinois University in 2003.
  • I earned a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Aurora University in 2010.
  • And I earned my Doctorate in Social Work (DSW) from Aurora university in 2016.


  1. A assistant professor at the Aurora University School of Social Work
  2. A Psychotherapist at SamaraCare Counseling
  3. A Lacanian psychoanalyst
  4. I’m trying to be a hauntographer

For fun

In addition to putting different things and stuff here I also do

  1. A podcast called From78, which is about how people are haunted as they move through time.
  2. A (mostly) weekly newsletter called Complex Praxis which is mainly about psychoanalysis, and The Liminal Station, which is about ambient and electronic music.
  3. I get distracted a lot.