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Racism, hate, & jouissance Sep 22, 2020 Jouissance & the Other & Racism & Monsterology Hate is a product of the death drive. … The aggressivity of the mirror stage is based on an ignorance of oneself, the subject projecting onto the Desire comes from… May 28, 2020 Lacan & the Other & Desire & Jouissance & Das Ding & Phallus & Object a & Symptom & Sinthome & Book-001 One more note from On Freud’s “Trieb” and the Psychoanalyst’s Desire. Lacan says for desire comes from the Other, and jouissance is located on the Laurent on “awakening” May 22, 2020 Monsterology & Lacan & Jouissance & Instinct & Drive & Éric Laurent I was reading something that Eric Laurent presenter at the XII CONGRESS WORLD ASSOCIATION OF PSYCHOANALYSIS April 13-17, which took place in Buenos Jouissance is flexible May 11, 2020 Jouissance & COVID-19 In my newsletter this week, I’ve been writing about how my thoughts on the flexibility of jouissance. This morning I read the following, which is a Saying too much is asking to be loved Jan 23, 2020 Lacan & Bruce Fink & Analyst’s Discourse & Jouissance Earlier today, in this post, I wrote about the discourse of the analyst being contingent on the analyst saying very little, and what the analyst Just make a note, don’t (try to) create insight Jan 23, 2020 Lacan & Analyst’s Discourse & Jacques-Alain Miller & Jouissance One of the things I’ve been gathering texts on is how an analyst uses or refrains from using their speech in an analytic session. How the analyst NIN & Jouissance? Dec 28, 2019 Jouissance It has been a long day, and I’m very tried. To keep myself awake I’m listening to NIN and working away on a few things at the computer. Just a bit Hot Iron & Cold Iron Dec 9, 2019 Jouissance There is a very cool concept about the ways individuals conduct themselves in combat in Steven Erikson’s fantasy book House of Chains. The general Something I jotted down after seeing Joker Dec 7, 2019 Lacan & Jouissance This might not make sense to me tomorrow morning… Forgotten monsters Dec 1, 2019 Hauntology & Jouissance In a blog post about gothic Marxism The LitCritGuy says the following. At the end of the horror movie, the monster is fought, confronted and