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The last teaching of Lacan does not mean we set fire to what came before it Mar 14, 2020 Jacques-Alain Miller & Lacan & The Real The last teaching of Lacan, that I only now address thematically, and with caution, does not invite you to set fire to that which you adored. I JA Miller on “Common Sense” in Psychoanalysis Mar 13, 2020 Jacques-Alain Miller & Sinthome & Psychoanalysis Common sense, it’s what everyone agrees on. Psychoanalysis finds itself fundamentally in default with respect to the agreement that grounds common The treatment of psychotics in the Lacanian Orientation Mar 12, 2020 Lacan & Ordinary Psychosis & Psychosis & Jacques-Alain Miller I’m getting ready to (attempt to) teach students about the Lacanian orientation’s approach to treating patients with a psychotic structure. Most of Just make a note, don’t (try to) create insight Jan 23, 2020 Lacan & Analyst’s Discourse & Jacques-Alain Miller & Jouissance One of the things I’ve been gathering texts on is how an analyst uses or refrains from using their speech in an analytic session. How the analyst