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The effect of the Name-of-the-Father & the Law May 28, 2020 Name-of-the-Father & Desire & Impossibility & Lacan & Book-001 Lacan points out that the crux of desire “is essentially found in impossibly.” He goes on to say But Freud reveals to us that it is thanks to the Good advice from Taylor Adkins Apr 17, 2020 Taylor Adkins & Podcast & Guattari & Lacan & Name-of-the-Father & Hysteric & Monsterology I was listening to an episode of Cooper Cherry’s Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour Podcast where coop talks with Taylor Adkins and DC Barker At about In these liquid times Mar 21, 2020 Liquid Times & Elisabeth Roudinesco & Name-of-the-Father I just received a copy of a the book Philosophy in Turbulent Times by Elisabeth Roudinesco. I’m not going to start it for awhile because I’ve too