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Analyst’s Discourse

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Saying too much is asking to be loved Jan 23, 2020 Lacan & Bruce Fink & Analyst’s Discourse & Jouissance Earlier today, in this post, I wrote about the discourse of the analyst being contingent on the analyst saying very little, and what the analyst Just make a note, don’t (try to) create insight Jan 23, 2020 Lacan & Analyst’s Discourse & Jacques-Alain Miller & Jouissance One of the things I’ve been gathering texts on is how an analyst uses or refrains from using their speech in an analytic session. How the analyst Sartre & the Analyst’s Discourse — The non-S1 Jan 14, 2020 Sartre & Analyst’s Discourse & Lacan & Existentialism Here is the set up. One day during the Occupation, Sartre said, an ex-student of his had one to him for advice. The young mans’s brother had been